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Telecom Tool Manufacturer

Company Size: 45 Employees

Objectives: To increase employee productivity and reduce non-value added work

Results: Increased throughput by 300%

Electric Metering Manufacturer

Company Size: 500 Employees

Objectives: Increase throughput, reduce cycle-time, reduce employee fatigue, reduce work-in-process

Results: Increased throughput by 93%, reduced cycle-time by 75%, reduced employee fatigue by approximately 80%, reduced work-in-process by 80%

Digital Data Storage Manufacturer

Company Size: 460 Employees

Objectives: Lead-time reduction

Results: Reduced lead-time by 40%, reduced work-in-process by 50%, reduced production space by 35%. $3.0 Million in savings.

Lineman Utility Manufacturer

Company Size: 45 Employees

Objectives: Reduce lead-time, decrease non-value-added activities, and increase throughput

Results: Increased throughput by 60%, reduced lead-time by 45%

Digital Media Reproduction Manufacturer

Company Size: 1800 Employees

Objectives: Increase employee efficiency, reduce packing errors, reduce inventory

Results: Reduced labor by 68%, increased throughput by 76%, reduced lead-time by 89%, reduced work-in process by 98%

Electric Fuses Manufacturer

Company Size: 110 Employees

Objectives: Floor space reduction and employee efficiency

Results: Reduced production space by 40%, reduced lead-time by 57%, increased throughput by 42%

Power Tools Manufacturer

Company Size: 850 Employees

Objectives: Reduce product cost and improve employee efficiency

Results: Increased throughput by 80%, decreased production space by 32%, reduced work-in process by 50%, reduced labor by 15%

Electrical Transformer Manufacturer

Company Size: 340 Employees

Objectives: Improve throughput, reduce work-in-process, reduce cycle-time, reduce space

Results: Increased throughput by 27%, reduced work-in-process by 79%, reduced cycle-time by 80%, reduced space by 51%

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Company Size: 400 Employees

Objectives: Decrease non-value-added activities, increase throughput, decrease floor space required, reduce work-in-process, and introduce a pull production system

Results: Increased throughput by approximately 40%, reduced floor space by 32%, reduced work-process by 75%, introduced the pull system, and performed a 5S improvement


  Address: 2805 Stratford Hall Dr
                       PO Box 97424
                       Raleigh, NC 27624


  Phone:    919.488.0204


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