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The Culture Challenge

Organizational Culture is a system of understandings within the organization that are relevant to a particular group of people and are passed on to new members of the group. Organizational Culture often slips into “the way we’ve always done it” way of thinking and operates unconsciously accordingly. The challenge is to encourage leaders to think differently. The only way to sustain long term improvement is to change the culture. Changing the organization’s culture is difficult. Change begins with understanding the existing culture and acknowledging the way things are now, including shared values, communication within the organization, and stories of success and failure. Next, the organization should envision a new culture. What does the new culture look like? Leaders must then share the vision with the team. Continue talking about the vision until it takes root and begins to grow. For this to happen, the team must be in alignment with leadership. Training, communication, and rewards are all necessary in order to foster the alignment of the team. Finally, leaders must model the culture they want to create. The culture of a company is often determined by the behavior and attitudes of its leaders. While change can be difficult, NuStratis strives to create a culture that encourages open and collaborative discussion so that continuous improvement can occur.


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