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Selecting CI Leaders

What makes an organization successful? The answer is clear – a leader who carries a commitment to performance excellence. CI leaders will actively look for ways to improve the quality of the work by implementing new processes or altering existing processes. They are committed to improving not only their own work, but the work of the team through overall efficiency, effectiveness and quality. CI leaders are not resistant to change, and lead their team to support change. Effective CI leaders are successful in encouraging the team to apply continuous improvement strategies throughout the organization. Change within the organization is difficult. CI Leaders are aware that change is necessary and are willing to lead change that will result in exceptional improvements Using the Myers Briggs Personality test, change agents with an ENFP personality make exceptional CI leaders. These men and women are motivated by their interaction with people. They focus on the big picture and long range results rather than on small details that affect only the immediate future. ENFPs are intelligent, perceptive and capable of assessing problems and implementing solutions quickly. They have a high value system and are purpose driven, concentrating on the task at hand.


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