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Leading Leadership

It is estimated that 85% of organizations have an improvement approach in place, but the vast majority fail to execute it. Of the organizations that implemented change, it is estimated that only 10% is sustained long term. The remaining 90% go back to the old way of doing things. Lack of leadership and strategic planning is the cause. Organizational improvement is not a short term solution. It is a long-term commitment to implement necessary changes for sustained growth. Leaders must have a purpose of improving performance within the organization. Good leadership requires strong character and a commitment to do the right thing at the right time. The leader must be willing to do what he is requiring of his team; resulting in a group effort to achieve predetermined goals, goals that will improve the organization. Leaders should plan strategically and have a defined plan that the team can follow. An estimated 75% of organizations claim to have a formal strategic planning process. However, less than 25% implement the planning process. Similarly, most organizations do not staff a Strategic Planner position. Establishing a position for a Strategic Planner is vital to the success of continuous improvement within the organization.


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