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Why Is Transformation So Difficult?

Have you ever tried to adopt a good habit into your life or get rid of bad one? After several days or weeks of trying, you find yourself giving up. I often ask myself “why is it so difficult to make a change in my life?”

Selecting CI Leaders

What makes an organization successful? The answer is clear – a leader who carries a commitment to performance excellence. CI leaders will actively look for ways to improve the quality of the work by

Leading Leadership

It is estimated that 85% of organizations have an improvement approach in place, but the vast majority fail to execute it. Of the organizations that implemented change, it is estimated that only 10%

The Culture Challenge

Organizational Culture is a system of understandings within the organization that are relevant to a particular group of people and are passed on to new members of the group. Organizational Culture

Lean Office vs. Lean Transactional

Since the introduction of lean six sigma techniques to the western world, improvement activities have centered around operational processes. While initially these tools were intended to improve

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