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Our History

NuStratis was established in 1990 as a continuous improvement consulting firm, specializing in Lean Transformations. The birth of NuStratis began at North Carolina State University. For many years, NuStratis, formerly known as World Class Manufacturing Research Team, helped North Carolina industry gain a competitive advantage. In 1997, NuStratis established its own private practice under the name of World Class Manufacturing Group, Inc. (WCMG). Since then, NuStratis has been involved in a diversity of projects all focused on making business effective and profitable.

During the last 5 years, NuStratis has recognized that client needs are not just where value gets added to the products/services, but everywhere in the organization. For this reason, we have decided to change our name to NuStratis. Our goals are not just mainly to improve parts of the business, but to view the organization holistically and address all areas of the business. NuStratis to us means developing business relationships with our clients in such a way that we become their strategic partner while they pursue the quest for excellence.

Making our clients successful is our primary objective. Our drive comes from our business commitment to deliver value to our clients.

NuStratis is located in the heart of the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

  • Vision 2020

    NuStratis Vision is to develop a sustainable consultancy dedicated to increase business value and maximize stockholder performance.  NuStratis will deliver exceptional services by providing the most talented resources available.  At NuStratis, our client is our number one priority, and it is because of them we are here.  NuStratis will be a reputable organization that operates with integrity and trustworthiness.  We will deliver excellence through our commitment to detail and execution.  We will be an example to our clients on how to run a business.  We will achieve the above by honoring God in all we do.


    • To create win-win relationships with our clients

    • To create Value for our clients

    • To Have a Committed, Trustworthy, and Professional team in our company

    Core Values

    • Excellence

    • Integrity & Ethics

    • Transparency

    • Positive Attitude

    • Commitment

    Our Objectives

    NuStratis will be made up of the following 3 business pillars:
    1. Consulting
    a. Continuous improvement
    b. Financial performance, governance & auditing
    c. Supply chain management
    2. Education & development
    3. Business holdings

  • Our Team

    • Adrian Arbelaez

      Adrian Arbelaez

      Chairman & CEO
      BSME, Master’s of IMSE

      Adrian began his career as a Continuous Improvement Engineer while completing his graduate education in 1993. He worked at ABB as an Internal Consultant where he quickly developed a reputation of delivering results. While at ABB, Adrian received the “Award of Excellence”.  Shortly after his departure from ABB, Adrian joined NuStratis formerly known as the World Class Manufacturing Group, Inc (WCMG, Inc.) and became the President and CEO in 1997. 

      As a continuous improvement professional, Adrian has worked with more than 50 fortune 500 organizations including ABB, Siemens Demag, Black & Decker USA, Alcoa Fujikura Ltd., Grinnell Corporation, GE Harris Railway, Alstom Power, Bristol Myers Squibb, EMC Corp, Cree, Eaton Corp., Oklahoma Gas & Electric, and Sumitomo Electric. Adrian’s assignments have taken him throughout the US as well as internationally to countries such as Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, England, The Netherlands, and Bulgaria.

      Adrian’s passion for helping organizations to develop their potential has generated millions of dollars in savings while improving the employee work environment. “Sustainable long term transformation begins with people, as employees are the greatest asset to any organization.” 

      Adrian received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University, ranking in the top 10% of his peers. He also holds a Masters Degree in Integrated Manufacturing System Engineering, focusing on Strategic Planning, from North Carolina State University.

      Adrian lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and four daughters.

    • Cheryl Arbelaez

      Cheryl Arbelaez

      Executive Coach

      Cheryl Arbelaez has almost 20 years of experience in Company Management, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Price Negotiation, Payroll, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, and Training. Cheryl has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, a Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling Life Coaching, and is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Developmental Psychology. She is a certified Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator Practitioner®. Throughout her career, Cheryl has focused on company management, sales and marketing, and accounts management. She has applied Lean enterprise tools primarily in the healthcare industry to address elements required to improve process flow resulting in improved performance and bottom-line results. A major focus is using the MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® assessments for individual, leadership, and career development. As a life coach, Cheryl works with individuals, leaders and executives to help them move from where they are to where they want to be. Through leadership development, process improvement, benefit analysis, account management, auditing, deployment of improvements, and performance evaluation and metrics, she links people engagement to improvement activities. . Cheryl’s motto is “People Matter,” and her drive is to help them reach their full potential, and then share their growth experience with others.

      Emily Arbelaez

      Emily Arbelaez

      Business Manager

      Emily Arbelaez has joined the NuStratis team and is eager to gain knowledge and experience as a business manager. Prior to joining NuStratis, Emily started, facilitated, and managed a Elementary school camp called, ‘Fun In The Son’, that has continually been growing since the first year in 2010. Through this camp, Emily gained experience in finance, budgeting, and business development. Her primary responsibility is overseeing the financial operations of NuStratis.

      Emily is currently attending Liberty University as a Junior and will be planning to graduate 2019. Emily lives in Raleigh, NC.


      Brad Armstrong

      Brad Armstrong has over 35 years of experience in Lean Six Sigma specifically and process improvement in general. With a Master of Science in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University, Brad has also earned his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Indiana, California and North Carolina. He is also a certified Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Certified Lean Leader and Activity Based Costing Lead. Throughout his career, Brad has applied a large variety of tools and methodologies, particularly 6 Sigma and Lean Enterprise to address all the elements required to bring efficiency and effectiveness to organizations. He has led successful multi-million dollar projects, trained 100’s of Black Belts and Green Belts, and developed training material. His experience reaches across a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, chemical, food and packaging, healthcare, textiles, transportation and utilities. Brad is a teacher who leads by example and most enjoys seeing the people he works with achieve results far beyond their expectations.

      Randi Barenholtz

      Randi Barenholtz is a consultant with 18 years training, organization development, and project management experience. Her proven strength is diagnosing, planning, and implementing training, and organization development interventions to facilitate individual growth and corporate change. Randi has extensive knowledge in human resources management, organization development, and employee communications for leading edge North American companies with global reach.

      Charles Coleman

      Charles Coleman has more than 20 years of experience as a continuous improvement professional, with expertise in change management, industrial engineering, supply chain management and Lean Six Sigma program management. Charles holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification through EMC. By putting people and processes together, he has led several organizations to transform their operations into a stronger, leaner business enterprise. He is also a frequent speaker at professional organizational meetings.

      Bob Crescenzi

      Robert “Bob” Crescenzi has over 40 years of industry experience. Bob received his BS degree in Electical Engineering and is a graduate of the GE Management Development program and Harvard Business School Leadership programs. As a recognized quality and Lean Six Sigma leader, Bob has led CI initiatives for a $33 billion global computer business group, partnering with leaders in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific to ensure alignment of business goals and quality requirements. Bob’s continuous improvement deployments are known for having high levels of leadership and employee engagement in the change process by balancing the needs of the business, customers, and employees.

      Robert L. Holloman, JR.

      Bob has 19 years experience in training, administration and manufacturing systems. Bob’s qualifications include training/implementation of Lean Manufacturing with different companies nationwide. Bob has experience with Value Stream Mapping, Cellular Flow, Set up Reduction, 5S, Standardize Work, Plant Layout, TPM Principles and One Piece Flow/Work Balancing. Bob received his formal lean training from Shingiiitsu Co. LTD (Japan and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. Prior to his project management experience, Bob worked as an Industrial Engineer for Stanley Hardware Manufacturing in Richmond, Virginia where his responsibilities included forecasting, setting production standards, establishing process procedures, facilities layout drawings, and cost analysis.

      Vinnie Morris

      Vinnie Morris has 20 years of experience as a leader delivering profitable revenue growth in a myriad of markets and economic conditions. His proven Supply Chain ability to combine operations, supply chain, lean initiatives and quality concepts effectively, has transformed complex technology products and services into compelling and easily understood high value business propositions. Vinnie’s purpose is to inspire and lead teams to achieve outstanding results through strategy optimization, operational efficiency and execution.

      Patrick J. Stout

      Patrick Stout has 11 years of process improvement and military experience. As a consulting professional and Air Force reservist, Patrick’s endeavors have ranged from managing high-stress military logistic operations in deployed environments, to assisting military Generals and other key Air Force leaders in strategy and planning, as well as, extensive process improvement projects. Patrick received his Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Maryland University College. He is an established expert in business strategy, project management and selecting appropriate Lean and Six Sigma tools. He engages employees at applicable levels in order to identify gaps and efficiencies to streamline processes. Patrick’s diverse background has equipped him to work effectively in high-stress situations. He will obtain big-picture results through detail-oriented, ground-level efforts, while leading and motivating those around him.


  Address: 2805 Stratford Hall Dr
                       PO Box 97424
                       Raleigh, NC 27624


  Phone:    919.488.0204


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